Free ATM

  • Free Smokeable Receipt Paper

  • Free ATM Machine

  • Hands Off

​                  - Cash Refills​​

                  - Maintenance

                  - Receipt Switch out

                  - Processing

ATM completely hands off for you.


*Smokeable Receipt Paper US Patent Pending*

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about US

Rolly Receipts is a USA Based company that strives to revolutionize receipts. Rolly Receipts smokeable receipt paper in use in our Free ATM's & Debit/Credit Card Processing Terminals.

Rolly Receipts also provides organic, BPA/BPS Free, Plastic Free, thermal receipts. These receipts are called EcoThermal Receipts and are revolutionizing retails receipts and their environmental impact.

DC Processing

Give your customers cash purchasing power within your shop. 

Feel free to reach out to us for references of store owners, that currently have our Rolly Receipts ATM Machines.