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EcoThermal Receipts are the single-most environmentally friendly receipts available on the market with no carcinogenic chemicals and zero plastic waste.


Our core-less aspect provides a receipt roll with no plastic or cardboard cores creating the zero waste effect. Our paper is BPA/BPS free (known cancer causing chemicals) giving customers and employees the feeling of safety they deserve. 

We also plant One Tree for each case purchased with the One Tree Planted Foundation. This allows us to offset our eco-footprint by over 32 times!

Help push your brand forward and show your commitment to excellence in going green and providing a zero waste environment.

Our free ATM that utilizes smokeable receipt paper is the only one of its kind in the world! We are very proud to provide a machine that can help boost your yearly revenues and drive customer satisfaction. 

Switching to a Rolly Receipts allows your customer to take something with them (a receipt rolling paper) after a transaction that they couldn't possibly receive or see anywhere else!


Make your dispensary special and give the people what they don't know they need with Rolly's Smokeable Receipt ATM.