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Debit Card Processing & Credit Cards w/ Pins

w/ Smokeable Receipts


- Free Terminal (operates as a "cashless ATM")

- Free Smokeable Receipts

- Processes Debit Cards & Credit Cards w/ pins

- $10/month per terminal service fee for wired terminals

$25/month per terminal service fee for wireless

- $99 One Time Account Activation Setup Cost

- $3.75 Transaction Fee for customer

-$0.10 kickback to location meaning the terminal pays for itself after 100 transactions per month

- No Processing % taken from your Credited Payments

- 24/7 Support line: 866-577-1593

- If you need a bank reference, contact us

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Wired (ethernet) Terminal: $10/month per terminal service fee

*Rolly Receipts Recommended Terminal*

Extra Pin Pad to face customer can be added

Wireless (Wifi or Satellite) Terminal: $25/month per terminal service fee

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Payment Processing Program Details

Rolly Receipts LLC provides Credit Cards w/ Pins & Debit Card Processing for dispensaries. We provide free checkout terminals, free smokeable receipt paper, 24/7 support line (866-577-1593), and no long term contracts.

Step 1: Choose a terminal from the left. We suggest the wired terminal for all stores, except for delivery services where the wireless terminal will be the best option.

Step 2: Contact us in the forum above and let us know your details + terminal choice + number of terminals.

Step 3: We will reach out via email with a processing agreement, terminal equipment agreement, a request for proof of MMJ License, Voided Check and ID.

Step 4: Receive your terminals in 3-6 business days and start processing debit & credit cards!

All fees will be withdrawn via ACH transfer from the account connected to the voided check. All Card payments will be direct deposited into the account connected to the voided check.

All Payments are processed in $5 increments. 

For example: If the total is $26, the charge will be $26 + $3.85 surcharge  = $29.85 total and the terminal will round up to $30. The patron will get $0.15 as change from the store.

Payment Processing FAQ's

What type of cards are accepted?

Credit cards with pins and all debit cards. If the credit card has a debit payment option and a pin #, it can be accepted. 


How does the payment charge work?

All Payments are processed in $5 increments. 

For example: If the total is $26, the charge will be $26 + $3.75 surcharge  = $29.75 total and the terminal will round up to $30. The patron will get $0.25 as change from the store.

What are the fees per transaction?

The location will see all of the credit card proceeds not including the transaction fee. There are no percentages taken out of the credit card charged amount. From the example above, your account would be credited $26 ($29.75 total - $3.75 transaction fee). With this structure, all fees are passed to the patron.

Will it work with my POS system?

This is a standalone system from your POS. When checking customers out you will select "manual" payment and process the payment through the terminal. User manuals will be sent with all orders to get familiar with the system.

How do I view the transaction history?

You will get a live portal to login and view your transaction numbers through a site called "ETF". This live portal is updated daily and transactions appear 1 day after being charged.

Does this process all major credit cards?

Yes, all major credit cards with pins and all debit cards work. 

How is this legally structured?

Our terminals operate as "cashless ATM" machines, so the card processing works as if you used your card at an ATM machine but without dispensing cash. Our payments are processed through our partner Greenway Payments.


Do I have to manually pin pad the card number in?

No, our terminals have swipe/insert options for cards.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes, we cannot offer this service unless you have a bank account linked to your dispensary business EIN number.

How long does it take for the credit (payments) to reach the registered bank account?

Payments are deposited daily. Payments pend for 4 days before being deposited, so a Monday credit (purchase) will be deposited on Friday.